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Museum Science Program, Museum Science Track
Museum Science Program, Heritage Management Track

Students pursuing an MA in Museum Science can specialize in one of two areas: Museum Science or Heritage Management.

The Museum Science Track offers study in the degree program Master of Arts in Museum Science. The program emphasizes thorough preparation in the broad spectrum of museum theory and practice. It is one of the few study programs offering classroom instruction coupled with a working museum setting, allowing theory to be applied in practice first-hand.Graduates from the program have a comprehensive background in museum studies, preparing them as generalists. In addition, students may elect to become specialized in a number of museum sub-disciplines including collection management; exhibitions and interpretation; museology; museum management and administration; and, curatorship in anthropology, art, history, or the natural sciences.

The Heritage Management Track emphasizes extensive investigation in the field of heritage management. Graduates from the Museum Science Program's Heritage Management Track are prepared to enhance local, regional, and national sociological and scientific values, encourage preservation and stewardship of cultural and natural heritage, advocate public service, and direct educational programs designed to derive maximum advantage from innovative technology without the loss of cultural identity and biodiversity. The track is configured to allow individual students to emphasize areas of special interests such as heritage administration, conservation, interpretation, education, and utilization (ecotourism). The track offers both theoretical and practical coursework designed to prepare graduates to be leaders in the heritage management field. The Heritage Management Track uses a variety of existing courses offered by various departments within the University to address individual educational and career goals.

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