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Heritage Resources Management Program

Athabasca University's Heritage Resources Management program offers an Undergraduate Certificate and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma. Heritage Resource Management (HRM) involves working with those things of the past — both intangible and tangible — that a society determines are of value and worth preserving. It can thus involve many subjects, including history, archaeology, art history, paleontology, documentary heritage, science and technology, and cultural landscapes. It also requires many specialized practices. These include the work undertaken at archives, at a huge range of museums, interpretive centers, historic places and, among others, in connection with heritage landscapes.

The undergraduate University Certificate (UC-HRM) program is designed for students who do not already hold an undergraduate degree, and who desire a solid foundation in both general theory and established practice. The courses are all delivered in an self-paced distance format, so students can participate in the courses and program starting any month through the year and from anywhere in the world, while providing a very flexible academic schedule. The courses provide practical knowledge and a comprehensive exposure to important issues and trends in the heritage field, from the management and maintenance of exhibits to the heritage policies of various Canadian governments. Students are introduced to planning, and are provided with a basis for making ethical decisions. Students implement their new knowledge and understanding in a mandatory practicum.

For undergraduate students, the 30 credits credits earned in the Undergraduate Certificate program may be applied to a full undergraduate degree at Athabasca University.

The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Heritage Resources Management (PBD-HRM) program is designed for students that already hold a Bachelor's degree. Graduate-level training provides students with range of important opportunities academically, professionally, and personally. Those who choose a career in the heritage field benefit from a commitment to ongoing professional development, lifelong learning, and a high level of academic training. The PBD-HRM meets these needs, and provides an important professional credential which additionally may be used as a stepping stone to further graduate work such as AU's Master of Arts - Integrated Studies degree.

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