Bank Street College of Education

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Museum Education Program

Bank Street College has two options to earn a Master of Science degree in Museum Education and a Leadership in Museum Education program. The two Museum Education programs focus on learner-centered education: one as a museum educator knowledgeable about children and schools, and the other as a classroom teacher skilled in integrating museums and museum teaching methods into the classroom.

The MS in Museum Education (non-certificate) is for students who want a career as a museum educator, but do not need to be a certified classroom teacher. The museum courses complement the education courses in your program, emphasizing the educational role and mission of museums and schools in a pluralistic society.

The MS in Museum Education with initial certification to teach grades 1-6 in New York is for students who want to be certified classroom teachers, but also want to effectively use the resources found in museums. These courses stress a learner-centered, experiential approach to learning that is especially well-suited for both museum and classroom settings.

MS in Museum Education concentration on Leadership in Museum Education is a unique program that meets one weekend per month over two years, draws committed museum educators and aspiring leaders from across the United States. It prepares leaders for museums or other cultural institutions by providing intensive preparation in both museum management (organizational development, strategic planning, fundraising, marketing, and staff development) and museum education (learning theory, exhibit development, community engagement, evaluation and program development). Through action research, case studies, and ongoing dialogue with innovative leaders, candidates gain the knowledge and skills needed to lead 21st century cultural institutions. Supervised fieldwork includes visits to students' own sites as well as monthly advisement.

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New York City