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Cultural Studies in the School of Arts and Humanities

Students working toward a M.A. or Ph.D. in Cultural Studies may choose to complete a concentration in Museum Studies. The master's and doctoral degrees in Cultural Studies with a concentration in Museum studies gives students the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary graduate work within the humanities and between the humanities, social sciences, and management. Students learn about the history and political role of museums, the interpretation and display of a wide variety of cultural productions, and topics of special concern to museums as cultural organizations. The program emphasizes critical, theoretical, and practice-related developments in the ever-changing field of museums, exhibitions, and sites of public memory. Students will acquire the knowledge and expertise to meet the challenges confronting arts and cultural organizations today.

Students are trained in both field-based work and text-based work. This convergence of methods produces a fully engaged analysis of culture. Outstanding research topics that have recently emerged from CGU's Cultural Studies Department include: Video Art and Documentary Production; Representing the Holocaust in Contemporary Jewish Museums; Sociology of Art; Critical Theories of Space and Geography; Afro-feminism; Asian American Political and Social Movements; Hip-hop Culture, Gender Studies, and Ethnography.

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