Family Heirlooms

Advice from conservation and curatorial experts addressing the care of your family heirlooms, photos, and documents.  Also, look under our Best Practices categories for "General Collections Care" and specific material types.


American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC)
Caring for your treasures Proper care techniques for a variety of materials from archicture to videotapes

Association for Library Collections and Technical Services
Preserving Your Memories Tips for your paper (documents, books, art), photographs, books, textiles, audiovisual materials, objects (wood, metal, ceramic, glass), digital materials

Center for History
Archival Advice

Filipino-American Historical Society of Hawai‘i
Preserving Family Collections: A workshop Manual (2008) pdf, by Clement Bautista and Gina Vergara-Bautista

Heritage Preservation
Resources for Protecting and Saving Family Treasures and Historic Properties

Kansas Historical Society  
Preserve your Family Treasures Preservation of your textiles, furniture, china, glassware, documents, and photographs

Library of Congress
Family Treasures

Minnesota Historical Society
Preserve your Family Treasures Best practices about saving your family's oral histories, documents, photographs, metals objects, leathers, and textiles

National Archives
Saving Family Treasures Guidelines

Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET), Nebraska's PBS and NPR Stations
Saving Your Treasures  LOADS of information, made expecially accessible through this website's many videos and printable files

Northeast Doccument Conservation Center (NEDCC)
Resources for Private & Family Collections

Wheaton Historic Preservation Council
See Center for History, above