Historic Preservation and Structures

The following help resources focus mainly on structures and architectural objects, as might be encountered in the fields of historic preservation, architectural restoration, cultural resource management, and in the collections of some museums.


Cultural Heritage Search Engine is a website made by an Italian architectural firm, Sergio Tinè & Associates. Much of the website is in Italian; however, the extensive bibliography of conservation resources (for monuments, consolidants, wood, textile, leather bone, ceramic, glass, stone, metals, and more) is in English.

The Henry Ford, Benson Ford Research Center

Heritage Preservation, Save Outdoor Sculpture (SOS) 

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
Preservation Services Division location of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), which was authorized by the 1966 National Historic Preservation Act to administer federal and state preservation programs and laws.
Historic Architecture and Archaeological Geographic Information System (HAARGIS) Go to the website to access this research tool, which is a computer database of information about IHPA historic and prehistoric properties. 

Landmarks Illinois is the state’s leading voice for historic preservation.

National Council for Preservation Education (NCPE) promotes the development of historic preservation education programs, information dissemination, and public awareness.

Preservation Directory.com is a cornucopia of resource links, for example, thousands of societies and groups, history museums, house museums, funding sources, consultant services, literature.
home page 

Preservation Trades Network (PTN) is a non-profit membership organization that provides education, networking and outreach for people in the traditional building trades who preserve, maintain, and restore historic buildings.

PreserveNet is a comprehensive database of internet resources maintained by Cornell University students with funding from the National Council for Preservation Education.

Smithsonian Institution, Museum Conservation Institute (MCI)

  • Art Conservation Organizations  this list of numerous organizations includes many that focus on the preservation of architectural and cultural works
  • Caring for Old Houses  MCI lists numerous organizations along with their address, phone numbers, and links