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International Museum Studies Program

The University of Gothenburg offers an MS in International Museum Studies; the program is a collaboration with the Museum of World Culture.

The Master's program in International Museum Studies combines museum theory and practice through taught courses, qualified work experience in the museum sector and the writing of a Master's dissertation. The students are admitted to the program as a whole and after successful completion will be awarded a Master of Science in International Museum Studies. The program explores key issues in contemporary museums and galleries. It offers useful tools for scientific, critical reflection over the roles of museums in society and history. It also helps you to develop skills that will increase your ability to get employment in the cultural sector. These include critical reasoning, team working, problem solving and inter-cultural understanding.

The aspect of Internationalism is central to this program, and arises from three main strands. The students come from all over the world and we aim to recruit as diverse a student body as we can. The content of the programme aims to present examples and case studies from a broad international perspective. Student backgrounds are equally diverse, including architects, designers, conservators, biologists, educationalists, archaeologists and political scientists. The three main themes that permeate the whole program are Communication, Intercultural Perspectives and Co-operation and Inclusion.