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Historic Preservation Department

The School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania offers an MS in Historic Preservation, a Certificate in Historic Preservation, and and Advanced Certificate in Architectural Conservation and Site Management for post-graduates. In addtion, the Historic Preservation Department offers dual-degrees with other departments in the School of Design.

Faculty and students in the MS program in Historic Preservation pursue all aspects of preservation-technical, material, humanistic, urbanistic, economic. The time-tested curriculum provides the essential foundations for preservation practice, many opportunities for specialized study, and hands-on experience through praxis projects. History, theory, documentation, technology, and planning are the core of the program. Specializations include site management, building conservation, landscape preservation, preservation planning, and preservation design. Students learn to identify and analyze cultural places and their historic fabric, determine significance and value, and design appropriate conservation and management measures. Graduates can look toward careers focused on the design and preservation of the world's cultural heritage including buildings, engineering works, cultural landscapes, archaeological sites, and historic towns and cities.

The Certificate in Historic Preservation provides an opportunity for students in the departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, and City and Regional Planning to gain expertise in historic preservation while completing requirements for their professional degrees. The Certificate program also offers practicing professionals the opportunity to pursue specialization training in historic preservation within one semester full-time.

The Advanced Certificate in Architectural Conservation and Site Management is a one-semester program that provides post-graduate training focused on research or praxis for those who have completed the Master of Science in Historic Preservation. The Advanced Certificate allows graduates the unique experience of directed research and field work at home or abroad under direct professional mentorship.

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