University of Victoria

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Cultural Resource Management Program

The University of Victoria offers a variety of options in the area of heritage, culture, and museum studies. 


Post-undergraduate level products are:

  • Diploma in Cultural Resource Management that focuses on museum or heritage principles and practices or approaches to the management of cultural organizations
  • Post-undergraduate level Professional Specialization Certificate in Collections Management Cultural Resource Management Program
  • Post-undergraduate level Professional Specialization Certificate in Heritage Conservation Planning.


Graduate level studies are:

  • Graduate Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies for emerging and mid-career individuals involved with a range of cultural heritage fields that strengthens both understanding and integration of cultural heritage, community engagement and sustainable development
  • Graduate Professional Certificate in Cultural Heritage Studies, available in Summer 2013 to professionals and those interested in pursuing a career or involvement in cultural heritage, will strengthen management and leadership skills by focusing on conceptual and practical strategies for approaching challenges in the workplace and community.
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