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Museum Studies Program

Walsh University offers the only full undergraduate major in Museum Studies (student earns a BA in Museum Studies) in the state of Ohio, and the program is one of the few offered in the entire United States. The program provides a unique and hands-on experience for students who want a career working in and managing museums. This field is a perfect fit for individuals with a keen interest in art or history. Our courses teach technical skills in managing artifacts and archives. We also focus on the public role of museums, ethical best-practices and the fundamentals of leadership within these institutions. Graduates are qualified to work in a wide variety of professional opportunities within museums. They also can move on to graduate training in Museum Studies or seek out employment in a non-profit cultural institution.

Walsh's program has partnered with the Campbell Center for Historical Preservation in Mount Carroll, Ill. Walsh students can receive a full scholarship to participate in Campbell Center workshops and work with museum professionals from across the globe while earning classroom credits.

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North Canton