Contents of the ICPN Environmental Assessment Kit

Click on a link to read the product description for equipment that ICPN members can borrow from ICPN to monitor the environments of their facility's collections.  Items may be borrowed singly or as a kit.  Contact the ICPN Project Manager at the Illinois State Museum at 217-782-7475 to schedule a loan.

  • Preservation Environment Monitor Datalogger, the PEM2 from Image Permanence Institute: use this battery-powered device to monitor the temperature and relative humidity of your storage and displays. Links to PEM2 product page with short video and to pdf description.

  • USB flash drive from Image Permanence Institute: this flash drive holds your PEM2 data.

  • Aspirated Psychrometer from Art Preservation Services: use the psychrometer shown on the second half of the page to calibrate your humidity monitoring devices.

  • Universal Light Meter with data logger from Scientific Sales, Inc: use the Universal Light Meter (model 775-D) to measure temperature, thermal radiation (IR), ultraviolet light (UV), and visible light. This light meter looks like the old model, UV774-D, shown here.

  • Infrared Thermometer with laser sighting from Instramart: the Fluke 568 Infrared/Contact Thermometer to measure temperature inside an exhibit without having to open the case.