ICPN Services


We encourage you to contact one of the ICPN Partners for help with your collections preservation/conservation issues.

Kits and Conservation equipment

ICPN has created kits that can be borrowed by members of ICPN. There is no charge for members to borrow a kit; however, the borrower is responsible for return postage and insurance, or the borrower may return the kit to the Illinois State Museum Research and Collections Center in Springfield. 

Contact the ICPN Project Manager at the Illinois State Museum at 217-782-7475 to schedule a time to borrow/create your own kits:

  • Create your own ICPN Disaster Response Training Kit to prepare your staff for an emergency.   The Disaster Response Training Kit holds many of the essential materials needed to respond to disasters. The kit consists of about 25 items, and includes a brief description of the intended use for each product. Borrow this kit to use for training sessions with staff. Invite staff of other nearby institutions to view the kit and walk through your institution with fresh eyes. Invite your emergency responders, too, and get their insight on your site, potential threats, and suggestions for improvements.
  • Borrow the Environmental Assessment Kit to monitor light, humidity, and temperature in your facility.   ICPN has compiled some of the most useful tools for monitoring light, temperature and humidity in your collections areas.  The 5 item kit includes directions on how to use the tools.  Data collected with this kit can be useful for grant applications, educating board members, and prioritizing needs. 
  • Museum Vac.   The Museum Vac from University Products is equiped with a dial suction control for delicate cleaning and can filter particles down to 0.3 microns.