Funding Opportunities for Collections Preservation

Funding Opportunities for Collections Preservation

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
10:00am-11:00pm (Central Time)
ICPN event (Y/N): 
Event location: 
Springfield , Illinois
United States
Illinois US
Presenter & affiliation: 
  • Dr. Bonnie Styles, Director of the Illinois State Museum (, headquartered in Springfield
  • Patricia L. Miller, Executive Director of the Illinois Heritage Association (, located in Champaign
Description of event: 

This webinar provides basic tips on applying for grants and an overview of funding opportunities to support collections preservation.  Illinois Humanities Council, AAM, IMLS, NEH, and NSF grants are explored.  Smaller collections-holding institutions, especially, should find the presentation helpful.


  • Please fast forward through the first 3 minutes of the webinar because the audio is incomprehensible due to two microphones recording simultaneously.
  • Slide #43 about the American Alliance of Museums' Museum Assessment Program is missing from the webinar presentation.  However, you can find it in the Styles and Miller powerpoint, which is attached below.
Resource list: 

On the ICPN website click on the Help Resources tab and select "Funding Sources"

Foundation Center, Philanthropy News Digest: Funding for Arts-Museum/Conservation Resources The Foundation Center is a guide to philanthropy information and sources.

GuideStar gathers information about nonprofit organizations.

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