Storing and Protecting Digital Content over Time

Storing and Protecting Digital Content over Time

Thursday, May 30, 2013
1:00 - 4:00 pm (Central Time)
ICPN event (Y/N): 
Event location: 
Illinois State Library, Gwendolyn Brooks Building
300 South 2nd Street Room 403/404
62701-2709 Springfield , Illinois
United States
Illinois US
Presenter & affiliation: 
  • Kristopher Stenson, Electronic Records Archivist for the Illinois State Archives


Description of event: 

In this workshop attendees learned about issues related to long-term storage and protection of digital content.  Topics included selection of storage media and file formats, allocation of resources, risk management and disaster recovery as well as establishing sustainable management policies.  This workshop presented the third and fourth modules of the Library of Congress' Digital Preservation Outreach and Education program.  It proved to be helpful for people from any arena (not just libraries or archives) who were interested in preserving their collections digitally. 

This workshop was free-of-charge; and limited to 35 participants.

This workshop and Kristopher's April 24th webinar, "Identifying and Selecting Digital Content for Preservation," worked in conjuction with each other, but either event could be attended alone.  We encourage you to view Kris' April 24th webinar "Identifying and Selecting Digital Content for Preservation."

For those of you who were unable to attend the live workshop, or for attendees who would like a review, we have posted a pdf of Kris' workshop presentation, " Storing and Protecting Digital Content Over Time:Digital Preservation, Outreach and Education, Parts 3 & 4.   Also, you might like to read the pdf on "Sustainable_formats_for_Electronic_Records" that compiled by Kris.

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